Image of an adorable Aye-Aye

"ayeAyeCoin Love! One coin for you!"

To whom it may concern...

Announcing the discovery of a Coin of Potential Historical Interest, AyeAyeCoin.

Re-discovered by goatishduck and announced on Twitter on May 26, 2024, the contract for AyeAyeCoin was created nearly nine years ago and hasn't been interacted with (up until rediscovery) since August of 2015.

For context, that was the month after the launch of Ethereum and before the DAO hack. This coin is ancient ethereum history.

What makes it special?

Besides being nearly as old as Ethereum itself, this contract contained a working faucet containing 6 million coins, the entire supply of AyeAyeCoins. This faucet was programmed to dispense coins for free to anyone willing to pay the gas.

And yet, nine years passed before the faucet would be used. Dead in the depths of the ethereum blockchain, the faucet waited.

Last week, it was discovered.

Thus began a period of intense interest by numismatists and speculators alike in using the faucet to obtain these rare, ancient coins.

Wait a second, is this the first animal meme token on ethereum?

It certainly seems so.

(You are welcome to check the chain)

What's an Aye-aye anyway?

It's a long-fingered lemur from Madagascar, you can read about it on wikipedia.

What's a lemur?

Very good question, a lemur is a kind of primate. That means AyeAyeCoin is also the first ape coin!

Note: Not technically correct, lemurs are a different suborder of primates than the apes, but close enough colloquially speaking.

Wait, how do we know this token is called AyeAyeCoin?

Check out this transaction and decode the input.

How do I get AyeAyeCoin?

You either get it from the faucet or buy on a dex.

How can I use the faucet?

Sadly, the faucet is now empty. Do not try to use it!

Historical information about the faucet can be found here.

How much is left in the faucet?

As of 2024-05-28 09:14 UTC time, the faucet has less than 1 million coins remaining.

As of 2024-05-28 10:10 UTC time, the faucet has 737,670 coins remaining.

As of 2024-05-28 10:37 UTC time, the faucet has 594,369 coins remaining.

As of 2024-05-28 11:01 UTC time, the faucet has 207,330 coins remaining.

As of 2024-05-28 11:09 UTC time, the faucet has 94,970 coins remaining.

As of 2024-05-28 11:11 UTC time, the faucet has 60,819 coins remaining.

As of 2024-05-28 11:13 UTC time, the faucet has 39,394 coins remaining.

As of 2024-05-28 11:14 UTC time, the faucet has 22,393 coins remaining.

As of 2024-05-28 11:15 UTC time, the faucet has 6,743 coins remaining.

As of 2024-05-28 11:16 UTC time, the faucet has 143 coins remaining.

At 11:16am UTC time on May 28, 2024, after faithfully waiting for 3,201 days and then dutifully disbursing coins for three days, the AyeAyeCoin faucet ran out.

The faucet function now returns "Sorry, the faucet has entirely run dry." *tear*

Why $WAAC and not AyeAyeCoin?

Remember, this coin is ancient. It predates the ERC-20 token standard by over a year!

To make AyeAyeCoin compatible with Uniswap and other platforms, raw AyeAyeCoin must be wrapped with an ERC-20 wrapper. The community has consolidated around the WrappedAyeAyeCoin wrapper.

This is a trustless wrapper that wraps AyeAyeCoin into $WAAC (Wrapped AyeAyeCoin) and lets you trade it and move it around. You can unwrap to vanilla AyeAyeCoin at anytime.

Any WAAC you buy on an exchange is already wrapped. If you still have raw AyeAyeCoin from a faucet you can wrap it in order to trade it.

Wrapping/unwrapping frontend by tschoerv available here.

Where can I trade AyeAyeCoin?

You can trade on Uniswap or your favorite dex aggregator (matcha, 1inch)

The contract address for the wrapper token (WAAC) is:


What's with the slogan?

Upon disbursing a coin, the faucet would return the string "ayeAyeCoin love! One coin for you!"

Give me some basic stats about the coin.

Supply is 6 million, all from the faucet.

It can only be transacted in whole coins (not fractions). That's just the way the original contract was written.

Some coins are still unwrapped (people who used the faucet but haven't wrapped yet), so some platforms don't calculate the total supply correctly.

Who actually made AyeAyeCoin?

Shadowy supercoders. No, we are pretty sure it was a dev named linagee, who is known to like Aye-ayes. There are transactions linking him to the deployment wallet.

There is more lore about him out there, and he was involved in some other early ethereum projects of historic interest

Well then who's in charge?

The creator is no longer involved with this coin. (remember, it was deployed nine years ago!) The coin is in the hands of a loose coalition of early discoverers and collectors.


You can watch the latest price on Coingecko and Dexscreener


Twitter for the memes.

Telegram group for fellow primates.

Telegram group (中文版)

For the committed and interested numismatist, you can dig into the NFT relics discord for discussion.

Email: info@ayeayecoin.xyz


This historic coin takes some skill to handle, and people may try to scam you.

There is another unrelated coin on solana, and likely to be copy-cats.

ayeAyeCoin love! One coin for you!